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-FLEXIBITY. Leasing gives you the freedom should you find the need to relocate or to down size or up size, without the wait, hassle and cost of selling your house.

-FREE YOUR MONEY. Buying a home is expensive and takes lots of money up front. Many thousands of dollars are tied up in down payments, closing cost and points. Money that is free to invest or enjoy when you lease.

-NO REPAIR BILLS. Leasing your home means youíre free from the worries of major and unexpected repair bills, like a new refrigerator or a major A/C system repair.

-NO PROPERTY TAXES. When you purchase a home, not only to you have to pay the P & I (principal & interest) but you also have to pay property taxes, which are very high in the state of Texas. Typical property taxes average 3% (or more) of the property value and are payable each and every year.

-NO PRIVATE MORTGAGE INSURANCE. When financing a home, unless you put 20% or more as a down payment, you will also be required to pay P.M.I.

-NO HOME OWNERS INSURANCE. When you own your own home, you must obtain and pay annually for property insurance, which is another high reoccurring expense, not necessary when you lease.

-NO ASSOCIATION DUES. Any and all neighborhood Association dues are managed and paid for by the Landlord when leasing.

-PROTECTION FROM FALLING REAL ESTATE VALUES. Leasing protects you from falling real estate prices. In todayís real estate market, many home owners find themselves upside down, often owing more on their home than itís currently worth.

-LOWER RISK. Leasing is also lower risk because disasters like hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, and boiler explosions are the landlord's problem, not yours.

-PEACE OF MIND. Leasing provides care free living without the work and expense of home upkeep. Leasing also provides you the flexibility to pick up and go without the hassle and expense of selling your home.
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