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We'll take the day to day worries of property management out of your life.  Owning Rental Property can be financially rewarding, yet it's also time consuming and stressful.  We are a full service property management company, which means we can handle all your property needs, giving you back your freedom and time for better pursuits.
We’ll start by finding you a quality tenant in a timely manner.  We conduct a thorough background and credit check on all prospective tenants.  During the term of the lease and any extensions, we’ll provide full tenant support.  When the tenant has an issue, they contact us directly and we deal with all their issues.  At the termination of the lease, we’ll again provide all services, including a thorough inspection of the home and completing all final paperwork and any deposit refunds.  
We’ve owned and managed investment properties since the 1980’s and now we're offering you, the same great services that have made our investments successful.  We’ll strive to make your tenant’s life enjoyable and stress free by providing the best possible customer service possible thereby reducing turnover and maximizing your profits.  As a local corporation that is family owned and operated, you’ll get the professionalism of working with a corporation as well as the personal care and attention that you would expect from an individual.  
For our services, we charge a percentage of the monthly rent, plus a one time fee equal to one month’s rent.  The percentage of the monthly rent is based on the rent itself and varies depending on the property and amount of the lease.  
We’ll do anything we can, to make your investment property as profitable and worry free as we can.  Please contact us for a free quote or with any further questions and or concerns you may have.
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